The Legend of Yao Lao

The Legend of Yao Lao


In a world of Dou Qi where the strong are venerated and the weak despised, there was a boy was born to the Medicine Clan, one of the eight ancient clans carrying the blood of the Martial God and the sacred land of alchemists. This is the tale of Xiao Yan’s master, Yao Chen, and his journey to the peak of the Martial World.

Associated Names: 斗破苍穹前传之药老传奇, The Legend of Yao Lao – Battle Through the Heavens Prequel, BTTH Prequel

Author: Tian Can Tu Dou (天蚕土豆)

Total Chapters: 38 (Completed)

Chapters 1 – 10 translated by Kencephalon Translations.

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